Sunday, May 4, 2014

week 38: australia style

our flat has a dart board....YES!!!!!

Gday mum!!!

This week was pretty good!  So we went to contact the 22 people that we found last week and we only had one investigator come out of those, but we managed to reschedule for most of them, so I am pretty happy about that.  This week I was really focusing on my faith, and where it was at.  We had Elder Hamula from the 70 come speak to our mission this week, and he talked about faith, and it was such an inspired message, something that I really needed.  He said "if missionaries knew and had faith in all the powers they have been given they could move mountains."  I think that is so cool, and it is something I have been working on heaps this week.  But anyways the one person that kept their appointment with us this week, his name is Steven and I met him at a bus stop and he is going through a really tough time.  He is out of a job, a marriage and basically out of a home as well, he lives with his parents.  He really wants change in his life, so we were able to set a date with him for May 31st, and he also came to church yesterday!!!  He was wondering around the chapel while we were in ward council and he came accross the bishop of the ward and the bishop asked if he was a member and he said "no, but I want to be."  I love that guy so much.  
This week my comp and  I found a new way of finding people pretty effectively too!  The secret is that we just ride the train in the boundaries of our area and talk to everyone on the train, we found 12 new contacts this week doing that so it is pretty effective!!  We have been focusing on the members lately and getting in the homes of members to help inspire them to share the Gospel with others.  This ward is so missionary minded I love it, we went to the shop this morning for a few groceries and a member stopped us out of the blue and gave us 3 referrals it was awesome!!!  I feel like great miracles are on the horizon for this area, it has started off a bit slower than I would have liked but I know exact obedience and faith will be able to combat against the trials we face in this area.  It is great to have another companion that wants to work hard, I have been blessed with the companions that I have had so far on my mission, Elder Wheeler is the man.
I love this gospel so much, it is truly a gospel of change and improvement.  Man I cannot believe how much I have changed so far on my mission, I really like the person that I am becoming.  The Lord truly does shape us as we offer ourselves up to him.  The church is true.
Gday mum!!  I am super glad that yous are having a good time in Cali!!  It looks gorgeous over there, it has been raining dogs and cats over here this week haha.  It looks like everyone is healthy and happy over there though!  I had a pretty good week, pretty stressful but I learned a lot about myself and we saw some pretty awesome miracles.  Haha I was pumped to see where Cam was going, all goods though next week!!  I am super excited to talk to yous next week as well, it should be awesome!!!  At the moment I am not too sure where we are going to skype havent asked anyone yet, but we will arrange it with someone.  Haha unfortunately we didnt play basketball last week, but we are playing today at 1 so I am pretty pumped for that!!  I have a surprise for yous today btw.  The ward is pretty good over here hey, we always get fed so it is way nice.  The car is a blessing from heaven, there are so many hills where I am right now haha.  Well I love you so much mum and I will talk to yous soon ;)  Have a good week!!  Cheers!
Love, Elder Richins
aka: Cmoneylove

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