Sunday, September 28, 2014

week 59: australia style

got my haircut

teaching the eliasiah family

Gday mum!!!

Yo yo yo, this week was pretty good, we are pushing Sharni and Belinda's baptism this week, because Sharni went to Queensland for the week, and Belinda and her want to get baptised together.  They are going awesome as right now!!  Got to go on 1 exchange this week, in a place called Melton it is 40 minutes out in the sticks mate!  It was cool serving in the bush for a couple of hours!!  This upcoming week my companion and I have MLC back in Wantirna, that will be mean as!!!  Also have transfers this week, so that means the last week for my compana :(.  So for his last week we are going to work in Warrnambool for a day with the Warrnambool Elders.  Should be awesome!!  My companion and I have been praying hard out for Heath to accept the Gospel, and just yesterday he called and said he knew without a doubt that this was the true church, we are going to see them today, sorry that was a bit random haha! 
Hi mum!!  Man everyone is telling me it is raining over there, it is hot as over here now.  Today we are going to play some rugby touch for my compana's last P day!  I am excited for this upcoming week, we have a bunch of exciting things happening this week.  We will see President tomorrow at MLC, that will be cool.  Also going to Warrnambool for a day, and then Sharni and Belinda will get baptised this week :)  I cant wait for it!!  I love you so much mum, I hope all is well and I am so very grateful for all that you do for me, I would not be where I am today without you.  Have an amazing week.  Cheers!
Love, Elder Richins
aka: Cmoneymysterious

Sunday, September 21, 2014

week 58: australia style

Gday mum!!

This week was pretty good eh!!  Went on 3 exchanges this week and that was heaps of fun.  I really enjoy going on exchanges it is a great way to get to know more missionaries.  I am surrounded by some AWESOME missionaries.  Heath and Belinda and Sharni are going really good, we may have to push Heath's baptism back a week or two, but as for Belinda and Sharni they should get baptised this week!  We will see when we go and see them tonight!
Everyone in our flat has taken turns getting sick this week, so I was pretty under the weather for most of last week but I am feeling heaps better now, that the sun is shining!!  Belinda got me heaps of American candy a couple days ago, so I have been GOING HARD with my compana.  Elder Fale is THE man he goes home in 2 weeks though, which is sad as but we will go hard these last two weeks!  I love this work so much, and I definitely feel like the Lord is moulding me into something better out here.
Hi mum!!  Your hair looks good as mate!!  That b day party for olive sounded like a blast ay!  Man... I am pumped as to get a box woohhhoooo!!  That will be the bomb!  The weather over here is starting to get heaps better, it is going to summer mate uh oh!!  Summer in Melbourne is heaps more intense than in Tazzy!  Good thing I have a car lol!  I am doing really good right now.  I am loving Werribee ward it is the bomb!  Haha the jumpsuit was a hit eh?  I got rid of it, I just got dared by my compana to do it one morning for basketball.  I love you so much mum!!  I hope you have an amazing week!  I am praying for you always.  
Love, Elder Richins
aka: Cmoney!! 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

week 57: australia style

b ball in the morning, i found this jumpsuit at the flat. good eh?

went to a temple sealing.....AWESOME!

went on an exchange in warrnambool!!!

Gday mum!!!
Man this week was really good!!  Didn't get to spend much time in our area this week, because we went on pretty much 3 exchanges!!  We drove about 3 hours to an area called Warrnambool, and we exchanged with the Elders there.  No one told me that Warrnambool was beautiful as!!  I was amazed hey!  I am definitely going to go back there one day, the people were very friendly and it was a good place to serve for a day.  We were blessed to meet this man named Ian on the exchange, and he was very excited to learn more about God's Plan for him.  I loved my exchange there, on the way back home my companion and I took a drive on the GREAT OCEAN ROAD back to Werribee, it was awesome and my companion really wanted to go there before he leaves in 3 weeks to go home! I am loving it right now!  Oh I also went to a temple sealing this week, it was amazing, makes me excited to be sealed someday!! ;) hahahhahaha!
Gday mum!  It is all goods, I don't have to get a new suit.  I will just start eating more and get it tailored haha.  I am all goods with supplies and everything, and it is all good in the hood.  I need to take the fam to Warrnambool one day, yous would love it!  Reminded me of California, minus the gangs haha!  Today we have a zone p day so my comp and I have been planning it for the last week, we are having all the missionaries in the zone come for an amazing race!  It should be pretty fun, I will take pictures!!  I love you so much mum!!  Have an amazing week!!  Cheers!
Love, Elder Richins
aka: CMONEY  
Love you!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

week 56: australia style

Gday mum!!

This week has been really good!  We saw some miracles with Heath, Belinda and Sharni!  They called us over to their house this week, and told us that they wanted to leave their other church and join our church and go every week.  I started doing the happy dance, I was so pumped for them!  They came to church yesterday and they loved it, Sharni their daughter made heaps of new friends I was so happy.  They will be getting baptised in two weeks time! 
My comp and I went on a few exchanges this week also, I went to this place called Geelong, and man that place was beautiful as!!  It's an old beach town in Victoria, and it has the most beautiful beaches....  We went contacting on the bike path along the beach, it was cool to see the waves and all that jazz!  We found some people too!!  It was awesome!!
Yo yo yo!!!  This week was all goods, I am definitely staying busy all the time until I go to bed pretty much.  It has been heaps of fun, going on exchanges with different missionaries in foreign areas, I love it.  My companion and I are seeing heaps of miracles right now, it has been such a blessing to be here right now.  Ooooooooooooooo  the whole 30 diet again eh??  Glad I am not a part of that lol hahahah!!  Are you excited???  I think I may need to buy a new belt or a new suit, looks like I am wearing fat man suit hahahaha!  I love being a missionary, the most rewarding thing that I have ever done.  Congrats on the calling mum!!!  I love you so much, have an awesome week!!  Cheers!
Love, Elder Richins
aka: Cmunz

Monday, September 1, 2014

week 55: australia style

Gday mum!!!
Yo this week was pretty full on!!!  Man with transfer week in the past, I think I am very glad to be moving onto the next week.  We did quite a bit of sorting out this week, we were doubled into an area with not much going for us, and into a zone we dont know too much about, but we were so blessed!!  My new companion is Elder Fale and he is the man!!  He is my new trainer, haha I am learning so much from him.  He is Tongan and he lives in Sydney.  This is his last transfer!!! 
On Wednesday we met this guy named Heath at the train station and we got talking and this dude was stonch as and didn't want anything to do with us, but he still invited us back to his home the next day.  The next day we went over and had a lesson on the BOM, and the spirit was so strong and we were able to set baptismal dates with him, his wife, and his kid.  The next day he invited us over for dinner again and he told us that God told him that the BOM was true and that he needed to be baptised, I just started to cry because I knew the spirit touched his heart.  MAN MIRACLES ARE EVERYWHERE.  So my companion and I are really happy now because we have an AWESOME family to work with.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true with all my heart!!! 
Gday mum!!  It sounds like you have had a fun as week, and I am bummed that I missed Cam's farewell.  But by the sounds of it ;) he did an awesome job!!!!  My new area is awesome, and I am really enjoying the time with my companion.  I am trying to learn as much as I can from him before he goes home!  The zone I am in is pretty cool, it is called the WYNDHAM ZONE!  It is an awesome zone, and it has heaps of islanders, so it looks like I am in for another rough go of feeds lol!!  I love it out here mum!  I love you so much!!  Have an awesome week!!!  I will be on for 15 min if you have any Q's.  I think I may look for a suit today.  Cheers!
Love, Elder Richins