Sunday, August 25, 2013

week 2: australia style

through a missionaries eyes.......

letter #2
august 25, 2013

Heyyy!!! mum!!
  Well this week was pretty long for me!  I got pretty sick and had to stay in bed for a few days!  I had like the worst cold I have ever had in my life!  It was brutal!  My companion Elder Afele gave me a blessing, and it was the most powerful blessing I have ever received!  I love my companion!  He is a good mate! 
 Me and my companion had the opportunity to teach two less active families.   The Greens, and Cassandra.  The Greens are seriously the best!  They love the missionaries!!  They have dinner with us every Tuesday.  They have had some serious problems with members of the church before.  All we can do for the Greens right now, is just be their friends which is totes cool with me.  I can feel the lords love 4 them so strongly, he wants them to come back so bad, and I am praying my heart out for them, I love them!  Cassandra has a really tough time with the word of wisdom, and she hasn't been to church in 14 years.  She thinks that it is her body so she can do whatever she wants with it, which is true in a way because we all have our agency.  Heavenly Father gave us our bodies as a gift, so that we could perform our ministry on earth.  He expects us to treat our bodies like temples.  I bore my testimony of The Word of Wisdom to her, and said that I have seen what alcohol and drugs do to people, it doesn't allow them to make their own choices, the drug or whatever is doing it.  She agreed, and I told how happy and healthy I have been by keeping the Word of Wisdom, and I said "Cassandra, we all make mistakes, but if you honestly try to be better, the lord is going to help you overcome, any addiction you may have."  I started crying, and the spirit was so strong, and she realized she needed to stop what she was doing, and she said she wished that she could hug me because she was so happy haha!  We are continuing to work with her in the coming weeks, and try to get her back to church.  That is a miracle I have seen so far on my mission, I have seen someone's heart change right in front of my eyes.  I love Cassandra, and so does her father in heaven!!! 
  Im starting to settle into Australia, and I already have an accent haha!!  It really comes out when I sing haha!  That's what you get when you spend all day everyday with an Aussie.  My companion is from Cambrough, Australia and he is Samoan, and cool!  The Coopdawgydawg is still crushin it as usual!  Im doing fine, Im just busy being a thug in the streets of Wantirna South.  The peeps here cant handle me DOE!  hahahahahaha Im so white! 
I love you and miss you Mummy!!!!  Im doing fine, and most of the mission has cars, only a few companionships have bikes!  Me and my companion bought a rugby ball, and we have been playing with that a lot!  He is really interested in Gridiron though! (real football, not that lame Aussie kind), so I taught him how to play, and he always asks me about stories from football!  Haha we have a heck of a time!  He says damn, a lot its not a swear word here, and everyone says it even the missionaries from Australia!  Haha just a little fun fact!
I know that my redeemer lives!  He loves each and every one of us sooooooo much, he died for us on the cross!  I know that this gospel brings to pass miracles, I have seen it first hand!  It is amazing!  God wants the best for all of his children, and he is waiting for us to answer the call!!  I love this work is has made me so happy!  I know that this is the perfect church upon the earth today! I love it!
I love and miss you tons!! 
love, Elder Richins
Cooper and his companion

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