Sunday, October 13, 2013

week 9: australia style

Gday Mum!!!!
This week has been really rewarding!  Me and Elder Bisby's goal for the week was to get Veewan a new bap date, and to help her live the word of wisdom.  We bought Veewan 5 packages of organic tea, and she loves it, she says she likes it heaps more than the tea she was drinking.  After she said that I just wanted to cry, because we have been trying sooooo hard to help her stop drinking bad tea, and we finally did it!!!!!  We committed her to live the word of wisdom and she said yes!!  She said she wants to do all of the things that God wants her to do.  That's not even the best part.  We rescheduled her baptismal date to next Saturday!!!!!!!!!!  She is very excited, and so am I!!!  I am so glad I have been a part of her journey to make important covenants with God!!!  She is a very special woman. 
Funny story for the week is that, my companion and I were trying to bike to this place called Rowville to tract.  I chose a bike trail to take instead of taking main roads.  It was pouring down rain, and this bike trail that we took led us on a mud road, we kept going and going until we hit a dead end, I chose the wrong bike trail, so as I am peddling in anger, Elder Bisby tells me that my back is muddy, and I said "What?!?"  Then he said "your back is muddy."  I looked back and my butt, and all of the back of my white shirt was covered in mud.  I was so mad!!!!  The same thing happened to Bisby!  Its because our bikes dont have mud guards.....  So after that we went to go take pictures with horses, and feed them grapes, then we peddled home in shame.....  It was the worst!  Good news!  The stains came out of my shirt, and pants!  Hooray!!
This week I have been thinking heaps about Joseph Smith.  I watched "testimony of the Book of Mormon" (Elder Holland's Mormon message) it is probably the most powerful video I have ever seen, and I invite all to watch it on  I fetchin love Joseph Smith, and the sacrifice he made to help restore the gospel to the earth.  "Brother I'll Follow" has been the song of the week for me, it just talks about the trials Joseph, and Hyrum Smith went through, on their journey to build up the church, it is so powerful. "into a hail storm of an angry town, with words like jagged knifes.  Every stone was meant to bring you down, something you've known all your life, but brother I'll follow you."  I relate this to missionary work, because especially for me I have felt words like jagged knifes, and they hurt so bad, and makes me step back and think why I am actually on a mission.  Tracting is always such a humbling experience for me, some people just are not ready to receive the gospel yet, it is very sad to see these people, but it is even sadder walking away from their homes, thinking about all that they are missing out on.  The joy that I have felt from this gospel is immeasurable, it has comforted me through all of my trials in life.  I know it is true period.  I have felt the love that God has for me, and all of his children.  I know this to be true, in the name of our Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, amen.
Mum!!!!!  How have you been?!  I have not been giving clothes away, I have just been acquiring new gear hahaha!!  Elder Afele gave me heaps of stuff, and I have bought some new ties as well.  I also bought two pairs of chinos because I am losing weight, and my regular clothes are starting to become rather large.  It finally started to heat up this week, which is awesome!!  It feels good to feel the sun again!  It was hiding!  But today it is raining heaps, as usual, which is pretty sad.  I am pretty sick of the rain hahaha!!  I am so glad that you guys had a rockin time in Cali!!  I am glad so many things were named after my honour!!  I love Cramen, Randrew, and Mcsmelly!!  I guess im kind of a big deal.  I hope everything back home is in fine working order!  Did you get to watch conference??  I watched it yesterday, and it was sweet as.  Lots of good talks!!  I love you so much mom!!!  My favourite kind of ties, are paisley ties!  I also like chinos, they really show the definition of my calf muscles!  Love you momma!!  cheers.
Love, Elder Richins

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