Sunday, October 6, 2013

week 8: australia style

his spider killing weapon

Gday Mum!!!!
This week was soooooooooooooooooooo lonnnnnnnngggggggggggg!!!!  My companion Elder Bisby, busted his ankle, skipping down our street.  He went to the doctor, and the doctor said to elevate for the rest of the week, this was on Tuesday!!!  We spent all day erryyyday, at the flat.  Raja, the pizza lady would always call and ask us what pizza we wanted, then she delivered it to our flat.  Haha she is the best I reckon. 
GOOD NEWS!  On Monday we set a bap date with a lady from Naga City!  Her name is Christina, and she works for Raja.  She loves Jesus Christ, and she called Elder Bisby and I angels.  Haha she is GOLD!!!!  Her date is for the 19th of October! 
Anyways this week, our mission president dropped by our flat, and he brought us some finger skateboards, and church movies!  He felt really bad for us, haha he is the best!  Bisby and I made some spider killing videos, we found 3 hugggggee spiders this week!  2 Huntsman spiders, and 1 Red Back spider (Most poisonous spider in Australia).  We filmed us spraying the spiders with silly string and then poking it with a weapon that I made for killing spiders!!!  We were so bored mate!  Far out!!! 
Hopefully this week, we will be able to do some work, because I have felt like a caveman for the past week!!  I know that my Saviour lives, I know that he died on the cross, and atoned for all of our sins.  I love my saviour, and I am so grateful for his example of obedience.  Because of his obedience he lived a perfect life, but it is impossible for us to be perfect, we will always fall short.  That is why there needed to be an infinite atonement.  We can strive for perfection by doing the little things, read, pray, and go to church.  By small and simple things are great things come to pass.  I love this work, and I am having heaps of fun, this work is truly hastening, and I am so happy to be serving along side my brothers!!
Mommmmmmm!!!!!  It sounds like you guys are having heaps of fun!  I wish I was in Cali with you guys!!  Australia weather is pretty miserable right now, it is either cold as, or raining!!  I cant wait for summer mate!  Me and my companion are getting along really well, we like to joke around heaps, as you could prolly tell haha!  It is always good to hear from you mum!  Enjoy your holiday, and keep having heaps of fun relaxing!!  Love you heaps!!!!!!  cheers.
Love Elder Richins
aka: CoopDawgyDawg

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