Sunday, September 29, 2013

week 7: australia style

Gday Mum!!
This week has been busy as!!!  It was transfers this week, and my homie Elder Afele, left to Mooralbark!  He is still in my zone still so that's good!  I learned so much from him, and I shared my testimony with him in the car, and I told him how grateful I was to have a good trainer.  We were both crying!  Im gonna miss my Samoan friend!  But my new companion is sweet as!  His name is Elder Bisby, he is from Alaska!  We are on bikes!  He named his bike Roxanne, and lets just say Roxanne doesn't like Elder Bisby!  Her back tire popped and the front wheel is crook.  My bike Lafaundah runs like a dream though, no complaints whatsoever!  So we had to take the bus today which was pretty cool! 
Bad news....  Veewan is relapsing on alcohol!  We just popped by her house and her and her sister were both drinking cocktails, and they were both pretty hammered!!  No Veewan!!!!!!!!!!  Its alright we will continue to work with her, but her bap date has been pushed back at this stage. 
Raja the pizza lady came to church again!!!!  We have been working heaps with our less actives!  But that is two weeks in a row for Raja!!  We are pretty stoked as!  She kept telling people at church to call me Elder Handsome, and she calls Elder Bisby, Elder Kitchen because he is good at cleaning.  She is funny lady I reckon!  She wants me to marry her daughter in Queensland, I had to graciously decline though! 
But this week has been pretty slow, we had like 12 Tazzy elders stay at our flat the night before transfers, and they trashed my beautiful flat.  I am still picking up after them hahahah!!!  Its all good though!!!  Us Melbourne Elders like to parrrtttttyyyyyyyyyyyyy  MAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN!  Im totally joking we are just really messy...  My party days are behind me.....  I think...  I love this work so much though and I am seriously learning so much!  I am working my butt off as well, it is good to go to bed at night satisfied!  Me and Elder Bisby are gonna baptize all of Wantirna South this transfer!!  I am excited for the future!
I have been thinking tons about my saviour Jesus Christ this week!  Its been really tough, because I am now Senior Companion, of this area and I was pretty worried that I would make everything crook in this area.  I have relied on prayer to help me through my trials this week!  I know that all of our prayers are answered!  I thought I was going to come on a mission to relieve a debt to my Saviour for everything he has done for me.  But since being on my mission I feel like I am in more debt than ever!  He has carried me through this week, and throughout parts of my mission!  As we are obedient we will see miracles I promise!!!  I love this work!
Mum!!!  How are you!?  This week has been pretty flat out!  It is good to hear that you and padre are going on a getaway for a little bit!!  I hope you enjoy yourselves!  We got payed today!  We don't have to pay for groceries so I think I might go get some pretty socks.  hahahahahhah!  I am on a bike now and my butt is tight as ever!  I don't feel bad now that I eat something bad for me, because "I will bike it off"  hahahahha!!!  I love you soooooo much mom!!!  You are the bomb diggity wiggity doe!!!  Much love!!!!  cheers.
Love, Elder Richins

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