Sunday, November 3, 2013

week 12: australia style

Gday Mum!!!
Tasmania is pretty stinkin beautiful!!  The area I am in is called Rosny!  It is a hugggeeeee area!!  We cover most of southern Tasmania!  I am right next to the beach, so it is really beautiful.  We take a bike trail every day along the beach to our appointments, it is sweet as!!!  We have bikes...  Hahah so far bikes and Tasmania do not mix, the hills here are steep as!  I sometimes feel like I am peddling up 90 degree angle hills, ya its pretty bad!!  Hahha I haven't been this sore in a long time!! 
My companion's name is Elder Blackman, and he is pretty cool, he is on his last transfer. I am not training anymore due to an emergency transfer up on the mainland, so I got Elder Blackman!  But hopefully I get to train next transfer!!  But Elder Blackman is from England, and he is into film and photography!  We have been turning this area around as of late, we have done heaps of tracting, and the members here are pretty good missionaries.  The missionary that was in this area before me had a really bad relationship with the members, so we have seen heaps of families this week, trying to build those bridges back up!  We received 5 referrals this week, and taught two of them in a members home!  That never happened in Wantirna South, its awesome!!!
We have 3 baptismal dates for November 30th, and we are hoping to set 2 more dates, this upcoming week!!  The members feed us a little bit, but I mostly eat rolled oats, which are pretty dang good!  We have quite a few dinners this week though, so we will see how we go!! 
Tazmania is such an awesome place!  I definatley would not mind living here!!  That would be sweet as I reckon!  The people here are way nice!  One of the families we see is way into the NBA, and I told him I was a die hard Laker fan, and he is a Rockets fan (poor guy).  I heard the Lakers took out the Clippers, what????  Thats cray cray!!
I have had to rely on the Lord so much this week, it has been really tough trying to learn a new area!  I am so thankful that I got through this first week in one piece!  I miss Wantirna South heaps, but the mission is all about change!  I am so thankful to my Father in Heaven to let me serve in one of the most beatiful places on planet earth!!  I can see why I am here in Rosny, I know there is someone here that I need to specifically help, and I am going to tear down this place trying to find that person!  I know that my redeemer lives, and loves me too!!  Missionary work is the bees knees!

Mommmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How are you going?!?!  I am doing sweet as matey!  Just doing some hard yakka 24/7!  I am really bummed I missed Halloween, and yes I got those pictures, it looks like you guys had heaps of fun!  They barely celebrate Halloween here, only a few people hand out treats!  The kid's costumes are pretty lame too, they just put lipstick all over themselves, and call that a done deal!  I miss out on Thanksgiving too so that is pretty rubbish!  haha

 God bless Merica!  My companion cant cook, so it looks like it's another transfer of rolled oats erryday!! Hahaha!!  I couldnt be bothered I like that stuff hahah!!  I am glad the dogs got a new bed, they deserve it hahah!  They like to sleep...  I cant wait to get my package!  I keep in contact with all of my friends, poor Stin cant get a break!  I am praying for him!!  It will be cool to get a slice of home, because I miss it heaps!!  I hope everything back home is running smoothly!  I love you mom!!  Youre the best!  cheers.
Love, Elder Richins

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