Sunday, November 17, 2013

week 14: australia style

Gday Mum!!!!!!
This week was pretty awesome!!  So last P Day a member in our ward took us and the Hobart Elders caving!!!  It was so much fun!  We did heaps of rock jumping, and crawling into tight places it was sweet as!! 
This week me and Elder Blackman had a huge focus on finding, we found 12 new people to teach this week, and most of them came from tracting!  We went on exchange with the zone leaders this week, and I went with Elder Wood!  We tried to contact some former investigators but none of them were home.  So we prayed about some houses that we could tract, and we found 3 new contacts in like 20 minutes!  I have gotten so much better at finding since I have started my mission.  In Wantirna South I was terrified of tracting and finding in general now I think it's heaps of fun! 
We had 2 less active families come to church, along with Toni and Ryan and Elder Blackman and I got to teach them about how to gain a testimony.  It was such an awesome lesson I felt the spirit heaps!  One of the less active families (American) invited Elder Blackman and I to a Thanksgiving dinner!  I could not refuse!!!  So I am super stoked about that!
Toni and Ryan are progressing really well, their only concern right now is coffee.  Any ideas??  We bought them some fake coffee with no caffeine, but unfortunatley they were not too keen about it.  Toni has come down from 5 cups a day to 1, so she is super close!  Ryan is keen as to stop drinking it!  But they came to church for the second time and they loved it!
This week was super awesome!  I am really excited to contact our new contacts this week, and get some new investigators in our teaching pool!! 
The Lord has blessed me so much this week, and I have really started to include the Lord in every stage of my mission.  I pray to thank him every time we find someone new.  Because I know the Lord is preparing his children for us we just need to do some hard yakka and find them!!  I know that the Lord loves and blesses all of his children!  Having the "faith to find" new contacts is essential I have found, because if you go out tracting and are expecting nothing you will indeed find nothing.  "Acting on the smallest twig of faith, allows God to grow it" -Henry B. Eyring.
Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How have you been today matey??  That is super exciting that you guys got the new dog!  I am glad you guys are enjoying your time with it!  It sounds like you all couldnt be happier!  This week was really good! Today for P day we are going to the zone leaders flat for a barby.  We might go do a little hiking before that though!  Tasmania is starting to heat up big time!  Biking in the heat is not too fun haha!  But it keeps you in really good shape.  It sounds like your week has been pretty exhausting!  Poor new doesnt like new friends.  Tell him to stay strong hahahaha!  I miss that little guy!  I hope all is well in the 801!!  I love you mum!!!  cheers.
Love, Elder Richins

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