Sunday, November 10, 2013

week 13: australia style

oh boy!

 Gday Mum!!
Well this week was super cool!!  The miracles were flowing in Tasmania!!  We set two dates this week!!  One is with a guy named Robert, who is 19 years old and we street contacted him a week ago, and he said he really wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ!  Me and my companion prayed, and felt like December 6th would be a very good date for him!  He accepted, and we are seeing him again this week!  Miracles!  The other date was set in the district leader's area, me and the district leader went on exchange with eachother because he wasnt getting along with his companion.  We set a date with a lady from Africa named Mika, she accepted and her date is on the 7th of December!  Miracles!

So far in my area, we have 4 baptismal dates, and 3 of them are progressing I am seriously so stoked for them!  This week me and Elder Blackman tracted heaps!!  We are just expanding our teaching pool right now, and we managed to find some pretty solid new contacts!  Going on exchange with the district leader Elder Guilain helped me out heaps!!  He taught me how to find people more effectively and I could see myself improving with my finding skills throughout the week!  I am seriously so stoked to be a missionary, it is so fun!  Me and my companion play games when we tract, like we pick a really big word before we go to the door like "supercallafragalous" pretty sure I spelled that wrong but anyways, we have to say that word somewhere in the conversation with the person that opens the door!  It's heaps of fun!  Hahah it's weird but for some reason I love street contacting, and tracting because you get to talk to so many interesting people hahah!
I am so thanful to my Father in Heaven this week for letting us see some miracles here in Tasmania!  I am so thankful to be on a mission!  It's really weird being on a mission talking to so many different people, I see how much our Father and Heaven loves each of his children the same as I speak to more and more people.  It is sweet as matey!  I know this work is truly inspired, and I know that this church is true without a shadow of a doubt! 

Mum!!!!!!!!!  Wasssssssssssupppppppppp!!??  I got to talk on the phone with Elder Bisby today, and he said the package has arrived to the mission office!  I wont get it for a while though!  The mission president and his wife come down to Tasmania on the 11th of December for a Christmas party, so I will get it there!  But Tasmania is still freaking beautiful!  It rained dogs and cats everyday this week though, so that kind of blew!  I heard that a huge cyclone hit the phillipines, do you know if Jake is ok?  Have you talked to heather lately?  I have been really worried!  I hope he is ok.  Dad sounds like he is loving life about to get a new dog!  Hahah I hope this dog doesnt eat me when I come home hahha!  I will definatley be skyping home on Christmas I have had 3 families down here offer me their computers to skype!  So I am pretty excited to see errybody!!  Man!  It feels like November is zooming past!  It's almost thanksgiving matey!  Save me some Turkey hah!!  Well mom I love you!  I hope all is well back in the 801!!  cheers.
Love, Elder Richins

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