Sunday, December 8, 2013

week 17: australia style

Gday mum!
So this week was pretty good.  Elder Blackman and I did heaps of contacting our new people to teach.  It didnt end up being very successful but we ended doing alright this week.  Since it was Elder Blackman's last week we went to say goodbye to heaps of members in our ward.  We had some really cool experiences with this part member family who ended up coming to our ward Christmas party.  The mother in the part member family has been less active for 12 years.  She is really keen on receiving the missionary lessons again, and making it to the temple.  That is the miracle for the week!  Hopefully this upcoming week we can have more success with them. 
For Toni and Ryan they are scheduled to be baptized this Saturday but I am not getting my hopes up because everytime I do it never happens haha!  Ryan is really keen to be baptized so I reckon he at least will be baptized this weeka!
Elder Blackman leaves for Melbourne today at 1, he is excited but scared to move on with his life.  For the time being I am with Elder Atkinson our zone leader until my new comp comes down to tassie!  I am a zone leader for 3 days it feels pretty good I reckon!!  Hahaha! 
But that has been the happenings in this week, it has been a tough week to be honest.  I am excited to get a new companion.  We have seen very good things happen in this area so far, and I am excited to see what more we can do with it. 
I am thankful for prayer today.  The Lord has helped me so much this week and I am so thankful for him, and the comfort he brings to me.  I am excited for this upcoming week!  We have Christmas conference on Friday!!!! 
Mum!!!  How are you??  So for the skype thing, I will be calling at an unknown time to set up a time to skype you.  So you will prolly get a call from me in the next week or so.  And yes you will need to set up an account for me as well haha.  It sounds like you guys are still busy with the new dog and it poops everywhere.  Hahah this week was pretty rough Elder Blackman didnt want to do any work this week because it was his last week that kinda drove me nuts.  Today I am hanging with my boi Elder Atkinson he is cool as.  I am sad though because one of our zone leaders Elder Wood got transferred to another area, I am gonna miss that guy heaps!  But nothing out of the ordinary happened this week.  Just trying to stay busy I am excited to get back to work this week!!  President comes down on Friday yay!!!!  Well I hope you have an awesome week!!  Love you!!!  cheers!
Lovve, Elder Richins

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