Sunday, December 22, 2013

week 19: australia style and a tribute to our buddy at christmas

this christmas we are thankful for a buddy whom has always kept christmas classy.
we will miss you heaps this year. xoxoxo

Gday mum!!! 
So this week was pretty bitter sweet.  We dropped our most progressing investigators Toni and Ryan who were supposed to be baptized on Saturday.  Toni doesnt have the will to give up coffee so we had no choice.  We could have baptized Ryan easy because he really wants to be baptized.  But we dont want him to go less active the next week, we wanted both of them on board.   All goods though!! 
Two huge miracles happened in our area this week though.  Elder Richey and I were tracting and not having much luck, and it was hot as!  We kept going though, and all of a sudden this lady pokes her head out her door and asked us if we wanted a drink.  We couldnt refuse because it was like we were walking through the outback.  We went inside and she told us how she had met elders in the past.  She also told us that her partner left her and her 5 kids a week ago.  She started to cry and she asked us to help her.  We taught her about how God is our loving Heavenly Father and she was crying again.  I felt the spirit so strong!  We met her kids as well, one is 18, 14, 12, 10, and 5.  We are seeing her and her family again tomorrow!  I am so stoked!!!!
Another miracle was that Benod came to church!!!  It was a really good experience and he loves how much we sing in sacrament meeting!  In our gospel principles class with him we reviewed everything that we taught him.  We then invited him to pray and ask if the message we share is true.  He ended up praying in front of us and asking that question.  He paused for a second and started to cry, and he said that he knew that the church was trrue!  We set a date with him for the 11th of January!  We also set a date for the 18th of January for one of our investigators named Robert!  Very cool!!!!
This week was so awesome!!!  The members have been giving us heaps of lollies and chocolates for Christmas.  Lets just say that I never want to see chocolate again... 
I am so thankful for the mercy of our Heavenly Father.  Looking back at my 18 years of life haha.  I really wish I would have attended church more, and I also wish I could have seen the Lords hand in my life more.  I hated going to church and I remember begging my parents not to go.  I remember one person that changed my view and that is one of my best friends, Harlan Hammond.  His testimony really touched my heart and wanted me to keep going to church and learning about the gospel that I had very little knowledge about.  It was cool reading a letter he sent me and that I read today.  He said he was called to be a Priest quorum advisor because of me.  I just started to cry when I read that letter, and I am so thankful for my Loving Heavenly Father for placing him in my path so he could help me.  The love of our Father in Heaven is real and is unfailing no matter what we do in our lives his arm is still stretched out for us, waiting for us to grab onto him.  I am also so very thankful for the support of my family, and their unconditional love even when I was being a dingleberry.  I am truly lucky to have such a great family!  I love them so much!  Have a Happy Christmas!!!
Hi mum!!!  How are you??  Guess I will find out on thursday!!  haha It sounds like everyone is doing very well!!  Love y0ou so much and cant wait to talk to you on thurs!!!  (wed for you)  cheers!!!
Love, Elder Richins
aka: Coopdawgydawg

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