Sunday, December 1, 2013

week 16: australia style

Gday Mum!!!
This week was really stressful!  Toni and Ryan did not get baptized, we sent over our district leader to give them their baptismal interview and Toni was really overwhelmed by the whole thing, and said she didnt want to get baptized this week.  While our district leader was at her home, she told them that she was stressed, so she got up and made a cup of coffee.  Her son Ryan got really angry with her and said "We are not allowed to be drinking that!"  So he took the cup away from her and poured it down the drain.  I love Ryan, he is very keen on entering the waters of baptism his mother is not too keen at the moment.  So this is the problem Elder Blackman and I get to tackle this week!!
We had a very productive week minus all of the drama, we managed to find 12 more new contacts.  A few of them were pretty keen on learning more!  Hopefully this week we will be able to turn our new contacts into new investigators, because most of our return appointments fall on this upcoming week, so I am extremely excited for that!
Benod our other progressing investigator is doing quite well.  He is reading and praying and feeling the spirit as well.  We need to try and get him to church this week!  He is very keen, and I love that dude!  His family is a crack up, they dont speak any English, Benod is the only one that does.  We tried to teach the entire family the Restoration this week, and the whole family started yelling at each other in Nepaleze!!  It was pretty awkward because I wasnt sure if they were angry at each other or they were just communicating!  Benod is awesome though, I cant wait to teach him again this week!!
We had zone conference this week, and it was great!!  I learned heaps of things that I could do to become a more effective missionary!  I think one thing I could take from zone conference is to work with the members of the ward much better.  Elder Blackman and I tend to try and find all of our investigators through tracting and such which is effective, but not nearly as effective as teaching an investigator that is friends with a member, or a relative! 
This week was stressful but hey, I am still alive!!  I am loving the work right now things are getting exciting in Rosny!!!  I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father this week, without him this week I would have crumbled.  I am so thankful for his hand in this work.  I am thankful for Jesus Christ he is my king, and my redeemer and I know that he loves me.  I know that missionary work is of God, and I know that the work is hastening and people are being prepared!  I love it!!
Hey mum!!!!!!!!!  Sounds like you guys had a fairdinkum Thanksgiving eh?!!  For Thanksgiving I went to a less actives home who is American.  He cooked up a fairdikum meal if I do say so myself.  Turkey, bread, sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, cookies, pumpkin pie, sprite, peas!  It was no where near as good as being back home.  I was definatley thinking of yous this Thanksgiving and it was sad to not be there with yous!  I love you guys!!  As for the accent it is coming along my companion trains me everyday in companionship study!  I think you need to get a skype account cause the lady that offered me to skype doesnt have an apple computer haha!  I am good for money and everything!  We went to a little market on Saturday with a member and there was heaps of little trinkets and I got some stuff to send home hopefully it doesnt cost too much, or else you guys will have to wait a couple years to get your gifts haha!!  I am having heaps of fun out here!  I hope you have an awesome day and week!!  I love you so much mum!!!!!  cheers!
Love, Elder Richins

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