Sunday, January 5, 2014

week 21: australia style

we started to teach this he$h rabbit

locked elder richey in the closet. haha

getting our swang on

Gday mum!
This week was pretty awesome!!  We were able to get some bus passes, so I got to see some places in my area that I havent seen before!!  This week we tried to go see all of our members who we have never gotten to see before.  We have set up heaps of appointments with members for this upcoming week.  We did heaps of finding this week in a place called Rokeby we were blessed to find 14 new contacts there!  I am hoping that this upcoming week we will be able to turn them into new investigators, there were quite a few solid contacts out of those 14.
Our miracle for the week was that Robert came to church!!  It was so awesome!!  We went to go pick him up, and he was in a suit and a white shirt he looked like James Bond.  He had a really good experience at church he said.  This upcoming week we are going to teach him the commandments so hopefully everything will work out!
We also got the chance to meet with a long time less active member named Jared.  He has heaps of concerns, and Elder Richey and I went to go meet with him and his parents.  We had a really powerful discussion on the atonement.  Both of his parents were crying and I could really tell that he could feel the spirit as well!  He said to us that he will come to church on Sunday and give it a go.  He came to church, and it was so good to see him there with his son.  The Lord truly worked on Jared's heart, and it was so amazing to see that happen, definatley another one of our miracles.
The weather in Tasmania the past few days has been pretty chilly and rainy.  But before that it was really hot, I definatley need to drink heaps of water out in this heat, so I have been trying to drink heaps of water.  This week was so awesome though, and I cant wait to see how our appointments with the members go this upcoming week!  We have one tonight!
I am so thankful for the message of the atonement.  Everytime I have shared the message of the atonement on my mission a special spirit comes to the lesson.  I have never not felt the spirit when sharing that message.  I am so thankful for the oppurtunity to teach and meet so many great people.  It is truly a blessing in my life to be an instrument in the Lord's hands to help others come closer to Christ!  I love this work!!
Mum!!!  How are you going??  So we dont see President this week anymore.  Our interviews with him got pushed back to the 17th!  The transfer is coming to a close in 3 weeks, this is a 7 week transfer so it's a bit longer than most.  Haha I am not sure what I want for my birthday yet haha!  hahah I will think about it though!  But it sounds like you are a woman on a mission to remodel the house!  Tell mac daddy swizzle to do something to help haha!  Do they go back to school tomorrow??  That will be fun eh?  Hahah but Elder Richey and I are getting along really well!  It's fun to have someone to joke around with while we tract.  But I am doing fantastic down here in Rosny mum!!  It is so rewarding and fun!  I hope you had an awesome birthday mum!!  I love you so much!!  I hope you have an awesome week!!  Send me some pics of the new home when you are finished!  Love you!
Love: Elder Richins

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