Sunday, January 12, 2014

week 22: australia style

Gday mum!!!
This week was really good!!  We had heaps of appointments with part member families this week!  We met one family called the Andrewarthurs, and they are awesome!  The mother and all the children are members and they are actice, but the father is not a member.  The non member father is named Dave, and he is very kind and he liked having Elder Richey and I over.  He is someone that we want to work with because he seems pretty keen for us to come over regularly and teach!
We met with Robert this week, and taught him the first half of the commandments, and he took it in very well.  He was arranged to come to church with us but he ended up having work on Sunday.  Good thing Sabbath Day observance is our next thing we teach him!!!  Haha!  We are seeing him again on Wednesday!  We are really happy with his fellowship, his name is Nathan Read and Nathan has really taken Rob under his wing and they have become good friends!  We are really excited for Robert!  His baptism date will have to be pushed back a bit though, because we need to make sure he is ready to make this big commitment.
Our finding went really well again, and we were blessed to find some solid new contacts!  We will contact them this upcoming week!  But Elder Richey and I are working really hard to try and help this area as much as we can.  This week has been really exhausting but so worth it, I cant wait to see what blessings the Lord has in store for us this upcoming week! 
One thing that also brightened my week was Elder Richey and I bought a football last P day!!!!  Words cannot explain the excitement I felt when we walked into a sports store and there were footballs!!!!!  It was the first time I had seen a football since I have been on my mission so we had to buy it!  Not a better time to do it!  The 9ers are still in it to win it!  So Elder Richey and I have been playing catch every morning for excercise! 
I am thankful for the gospel in my life.  One thing that I have focused on this week, is trying to get as much out of my personal study as possible, and try and study for the investigators more.  I really saw an improvement in my teaching this week and I am excited to keep building my knowledge.  The message we share wont be learned all at once learning will come over time, through study and prayer.  (PMG ch. 10).  I love this work so much!! 
Hi mum!  The house looks great matey!!  It will be a different house by the time I get back haha!  Granite countertops will be way nice!  The black and white stripe walls look really good!  It sounds like you and pops have been non stop this week, are you going to be having the same sort of week this week?  You need to rest sometimes right??  Haha it is getting heaps hot over here.  The bikes definatley dont help the situation haha!  I am loving the bikes for the simple fact, that no hill will be able to phase me once I get back to Utah!  Put the team on my back!!!!  I will be able to bike up mimsley and pops hill without breaking a sweat hahaha!  Prolly not...  But I will try!  But everything is going super awesome in Rosny, I am having the time of my life out here!!  Today for P day we are going to play catch all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just kidding maybe not all day, we might take a break in between for lunch!!  I love you so much mum!!  I hope you have a great week!  Cheers!
Love, Elder Richins
aka: Coopdawgyhand$ome

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