Tuesday, February 11, 2014

week 26: australia style

Me getting my work out on at sister Reijlian's!!!

Kia Ora Mum!!

This week has been pretty crazy busy!  We didnt get the chance to email yesterday because it was a public holiday here in Tazzy!  So all the libraries and such were closed!  The week was sweet as though!  
To start things off, Robert came to church two days ago, and he really liked it!  We also had a fast with him on Sunday to try and help him receive his answer for himself!  We are seeing him tomorrow, so we will talk to him about his experience fasting and such, I am super excited!  He is all on track to be baptized this upcoming Sunday.  It's weird though, he really wants to be baptized, and he has felt the spirit but he still doesn't know for sure that there is a God.  It is kind of a funny situation, but we look forward to seeing how he is going tomorrow! 
Another awesome miracle that we had this week was, we were biking around trying to see some new contacts but all of the appointments fell through.  Then we started biking back to the bus station, and we felt prompted to knock on one of the new contacts we found last transfer.  He opened his door and let us in without hesitation.  We then felt prompted to teach him the Plan of Salvation, because he has been around heaps of death and trials.  We really felt that the Plan of Salvation would fit his needs.  It was such a powerful lesson and we tried to set a date at the end of the lesson, but he doesn't want to commit to a date until he gets back from a trip to Melbourne in two weeks.  He is cool as though, and we are super stoked to start to teach him!  It is amazing the miracles that God gives us as we stay persistent! 
Today we had district meeting and the focus was centered on finding investigators concerns, it really inspired me to look extra hard for those concerns investigators have.  Because most of the time with investigators you have the iceberg effect where you notice a concern that the investigator has, but there are more concerns beneath the surface as well.  Inspired questions are the key to finding out concerns!  I really want to improve my skill in this area of the work because it really makes the difference!  I am not a perfect teacher at all!  But the spirit is!  
We are teaching a girl named Dani today and we are super excited because she is pretty keen on learning more!  We are going to try and set a date with her in about an hour haha!
I am so very thankful for my Father in Heaven he really is blessing my companion and I, in the great Rosny area of Tasmania!!  I am so very thankful to be a missionary!!  I love this work heaps!
Hi mum!  How are you today?!  Sorry for the big mixup this week, it has kinda been stressful figuring out where we were going to email haha!  But this week was heaps good!  It was superdooper hot this week.  Yesterday for P day we went to this carnival thing, and it was ok I guess haha!  I am really excited for Robert, if all goes well he will get baptized this week!  I hope all is well mum!!  Love you heaps!!  Have an awesome week!  
Love, Elder Richins

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