Sunday, February 16, 2014

week 27: australia style

our new finnish investigators!

Gday mum!!
This week was really good!  We experienced the polar opposites this week!  Some really good things happened, but then some bad things happened due to terrible luck too!  To start things off, we got to see Dani our investigator this week!  I have never seen a more prepared person in my whole life.  We taught her about the Restoration and then invited her to be baptized and she accepted!  She then came to church yesterday, and her fellowship told us that she thought she was a member by the way she was answering questions in Sunday school!  She always thanks us for helping her get baptized, it is so awesome.  The tricky part is, is her mother lives up north in Tazzy, and because Dani is 16 her mother needs to sign her bap record.  But because she has no idea when her mom is coming back down south, that makes things a bit tricky.  We have until March 8th to sort things out, so I havent started to worry about it too much yet haha. 
We had the priveledge of seeing Robert again this week.  He was not baptized this week because we couldn't interview him because he had work, him being a casual worker he pretty much gets called whenever to work, so he has no idea what days he works.  He did come to church though so that it a blessing!  But we got to meet with him and his parents, and his parents talked about how excited he is to join the church.  His parents are very accepting about it as well, so that is awesome!  He has asked me to baptize him, that is really special to me I hope he doesnt drown haha I am a Rookie!  We have a firm date for this Saturday, and we are going over to his house on Wednesday to set up his baptismal program.  So fingers crossed that it happens this week.  I have faith it will!!! 
Yesterday we had a missionary fireside that we conducted (which went great :)).  A member of the ward helped make a video of all the primary answering the question "Why is missionary work so important?"  Elder Richey and I have slowly been interview the people of the ward over the previous weeks, and guess what happened?  We left the camera that we used to shoot all the video on the bus haha!  So we tried calling the Metro headquarters and trying to locate where it went.  Then an awesome driver came to the bus stop we were crying by haha.  He asked us where we needed to go and we said we lost our camera on the bus.  So this awesome man calls all the buses on his radio, and he located it!  And after much stress we were able to get our camera back!  PRAYER WORKS, I have a firm testimony of prayer and how God listens and answers our prayers.  There were heaps of prayers said by my companion and I in this little trial, and we were blessed!  It is funny how God gives us these little tests and trials in our life to keep us on our toes.  I am so thankful for the trials I have had in my life because I know that I have grown from them.  God is the perfect teacher, and I am an imperfect student.  But I am learning!!  I am so very thankful for this Gospel in my life, I know that it is true and good, I love to share it with others!!
Hi mum!  Sounds like you have had a rough week hey??  I am sorry that everyone in the home has taken a turn being sick haha.  It has been quite a stressful week for me as well. I am very excited to see Robert baptized this week.  The weather down here has been quite rainy lately, not too much sun this week haha.  So I saw the shoes I wanted for 50 bucks instead of 120 and there were only two pairs left and one of them was my size so I just got them, I am very sorry for doing that I just thought would be a good idea to get them so cheap.  That is awesome that you guys get to see grandma and grandpa tonight!  Tell them hello for me!  Enjoy that cake too haha!  I could go for some cake right now!  It was awesome yesterday we got recruited to an all tazzy gridiron team.  We saw them practicing and we just went to go see what was going on.  I asked if I could throw a couple of balls, and they were amazed of how fast I could throw it, so they told me to go register online to be on the team.  I said we cant join teams as missionaries, and he asked if he could cut my arm off and put it on one of his players haha!  He said if I ever changed my mind I could join the team haha.  I told him after my mission haha!  I thought that was a funny experience.  Well I hope you have an awesome week mum!  I love you so much!!!  Cheers!
Love, Elder RIchins

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