Sunday, April 6, 2014

week 34: australia style


Gday mum!!!
Wow well this week was pretty hectic!  So to start the email off, Elder Richey and I were heading to Gaylene's baptismal interview with the district leader when I got a call from her brother.  Her brother said if we texted or knocked on Gaylene's door again he would call the cops.  We feared that her brother would get involved like he did this week, because she was telling us all along that her brother hates organized religion and is especially anti towards our church.  I know that Gaylene had the desire to be baptized and she was ready, hopefully sometime in the future she will have the oppurtunity but as for now it is a bit of a sad situation.
This week we were so very blessed to teach 11 new investigators this week.  Lately I have really been praying about finding a family that needs support in Rosny area, and yesterday we had the oppurtunity to meet with the Mazimpaka family.  They have been former investigator status for a while but we have managed to meet with them two weeks in a row!!  We got in and taught the whole family about faith, and showed them a cool object lesson attached to it.  They have 5 kids and they were all involved in the lesson, it was so perfect!  I can see them slowly but surely coming closer to Christ, they are such a great family and very spiritually minded.
A bit of a miracle that happened yesterday is, Bishop Prebble in our ward came up to Elder Richey and I, and he said "you guys have a baptism this week!"  We were both like, no I am pretty sure we dont have one planned for this week haha.  But a girl named Brianna who is 10 years old, is getting baptized on Wednesday.  I remember speaking with Bishop Prebble about her when I first got to Rosny, because she was in the Bishop's action list.  He told me that the parents were working with her slowly but surely, the main reason she wasnt baptized when she was 8 is because she is scared of water.  But she is getting baptized this week, so that is such a huge miracle for her and her family!
We met a girl named Wendy this week and she is from Northern Territory Australia, and she is way cool we were blessed to be able to set a baptismal date with her!  We also met this way cool guy named Paul and he is from Papa New Guinea, he has a very strong Catholic backround.  He commited to reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet, he is really keen about learning more.  We were so blessed to have 5 investigators at church this week, it was such a miracle week!!
I cant wait to see conference this upcoming weekend (we get it a week later down under).  I am so grateful for a living prophet today, and for such inspired men to tell us what God wants us to know.  I read a way cool talk in the March 2014 Ensign about maintaining an eternal perspective.  It is easy to maintain an eternal perspective as we base our thoughts and actions on the Saviour!  I am so grateful for him in my life, seriously has brought me so much peace and joy.  I know this church is true without a doubt in my mind.  I love this work!
Gday mum how are you going??  That video cracked me up, yous should send more videos too because they work suprisingly!!  This week was good as, saw heaps of miracles happen.  This upcoming week we have interviews with President, and I cant wait, that will be on Friday.  There is two weeks left in the transfer, Elder Richey and I were talking about it last night, it feels like everything is just flying by far out...  I cant believe this transfer is almost over haha.  Today for P day we cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, and we are going to the driving range, or possibly mini golf.  Havent gotten that far yet haha.  We have been eating healthy as this week, and then ruined the streak yesterday haha.  So much food...  Thank you for all of those quotes from conference, I am super pumped to see it on this upcoming weekend, seems like I just watched the October Conference a month ago haha.  I am glad everything is still in one piece back home, and everyone enjoyed their weeks besides the crummy weather.  Glad you enjoyed the letter, I buy you fly???  Hahaha I love you so much mum!!!  Have an amazing week!!!!  Cheers.
Love, Elder Richins

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