Sunday, March 30, 2014

week 33: australia style

last p day,  elder richey and i at KFC

received some table tennis training this week

Gday mum!!
This week was probably one of the best that I have had on my mission!!  We saw so many miracles this week it was crazy!  So last P day Elder Richey and I were studying together and we were talking about some ways that we could test our faith during the week.  We both agreed that finding 40 new contacts would be a great way to test our faith.  Up to this point on my mission the most new contacts I have found is 21, and the standard of excellence is 12.  We knew that we would be able to do it though, so we did!  We found 40 new contacts this week!  We had some really cool experiences during the week trying to achieve this goal.  One experience I had yesterday was with a man named Dean.  Dean had just been kicked out of his house and he was living on the streets by himself, he was having a smoke outside by the bus mall.  I went up to him and just asked how he was doing and he told me he wasnt doing good at all.  Then I said "Is there anything that I can do for you to have a better day?"  He then said "I need God in my life."  So we continued to talk, and he really didnt see a purpose in life.  I talked to him about the Plan of Salvation and I started to cry, the spirit was so strong!  After all that, he really wanted for us to meet him at the library tomorrow to share more with him.  I am super excited!!  It was such a testimony builder for me, because he told me that he was going to kill himself before he talked to me, he was so grateful that we had, had that encounter with each other.  I truly know that God knows and cares about us, even if I never see Dean again, I know that the Lord put me in his path to help him know that he was loved.  I am so thankful for being a missionary, I love this work so much and I never want it to end.
We also saw some amazing progress in our investigator Gaylene, we had a lesson with her and taught her the Word of Wisdom.  When we first met Gaylene she told us that she would never give up alcohol.  So we taught her the WOW and asked her "if God told you to stop drinking would you?"  She said she would.  Then we both testified to her the blessings that come from obeying the WOW and she said "God wants me to do this."  I was about to blow up with excitement when she said that, it was so awesome!!  So Gaylene has been a week clean from coffee, alcohol and tea!!   She commited to get baptized this Saturday, so hopefully she continues to choose the right.  I am so happy for her!! 
We had another miracle this week, we had four people come to sacrament meeting.  Gaylene, Dominic, Mariana and Dani.  It was a huge suprise to see Dani there, but she continues to go every week even after we dropped her, we are hoping an interest in the Gospel sparks up again.  Dominic came for the first time and said he really enjoyed himself.  It is way cool because we are inviting Robert our recent convert to fellowship our lessons with Dominic and they both love video games so they both hit it off with eachother.  It was also cool to see Robert bear his testimony to Dominic, I just had to take time to admire Rob's testimony because he came such a long way.
This week was seriously so awesome!!  I love serving with Elder Richey, we have become really great friends.  I am so excited to see what miracles this upcoming week has!!  I know that we have a Loving Heavenly Father who loves us very much, no matter what we do.  I love this work.
Gday mum!!  How are you going??  This week was super awesome!  It sounds like you have had a busy week as well, I cant believe how big Olive is gettting, far out. she is growing like a weed!!  I got a letter from stin baby this week in the mail and that was a pleasant suprise, he is doing super awesome and being a great missionary.  I have a group email with all my buddies from back home, and it is just awesome to hear from them all, they sound like they are all doing way awesome!  It is still snowing over there hey??  That is crazy, hopefully it doesnt snow until May like in years past!  Mac told me that it was Spring Break this week, do you get spring break too???  Haha.  I saw that Go cart that is at curts, that thing is huge as!  I might have to take that for a joy ride when I get back!  I love the Chicks they are so awesome, I will definatley let them know you said thanks.  This ward is so awesome, I am going to really miss them when I leave.  I have become friends with so many great people here!  Something that I would eat when I get back, I would pretty much have a go at everything.  Hectors, Cafe Rio, In n out, Wendys, shivers shakes, etc.  Haha all in one meal!!  Wanna know a sad truth?  KFC is so delicious over in Australia.  Why is it so gross in the states??  That is my question!  Well annyways I am happy Dirk is back!  I love you so much mum!!  Thank you for all that you do!!  Have a great week!!  Cheers!
Love, Elder Richins

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