Sunday, July 13, 2014

week 48: australia style

lava cakes

Gday mum!!

This week was pretty productive, we were able to teach quite a few lessons.  First off Navid, one of our progressing investigators came to church for the first time and he loved it, he really enjoyed the piano and the songs we sang.  His English is not the best, and he didnt understand a lot of the things said but you could tell he felt the spirit.  Another miracle we had this week was, we went to a funeral home and put our names down as clergy for people in distress and we got to talk to two very nice people working at the funeral home.  One of them had been to the states and had seen the Book of Mormon theatrical play and he was interested in learning more about the church.  So we set an appointment to see him on Sat!  It is crazy how the Lord prepares his children to learn about the Gospel.  
We had quite a few lessons fall through again this week which was a bit frustrating, but we managed to find some solid new contacts to follow up with in the coming weeks.  Elder Garcia Kempf is starting to lead in teaching, and man....  He is doing a great job.  Although he still speaks broken English, I could feel the spirit so strong when he taught.  I have really enjoyed my time with him these 6 weeks.  I am being transferred along with my companion.  It was a huge surprise to us both, mostly because the area is going really well at the moment.  But the Lord has a plan, and I will follow where he tells me to go.  But it is a little bit sad, to see this area go, because I felt like there are still people here for me to help.  The Lord needs me somewhere else.  I love this Gospel with all my heart, and although times may not be easy, as we rely on Jesus Christ and his Atonement all is possible.  
Gday mum how are you going???  Sounds like it has been a bit of a full on week.  I am sad to hear that Mac is struggling with his health a little bit, I am definatley keepin him in my prayers daily.  Man....  I am pretty suprised that I am leaving hey....  Kinda bummed out too.  But everything will work out.  This week has been pretty beautiful weather wise, there has been quite a bit of sunshine goin so that is really good.  I am really excited to see where I end up, to see who I can help next.  Today I need to pack, and then we are playiing basketball with the district and some members of Eltham ward so that will be heaps of fun.  I hate packing lol.  No folding required just chuck all my clothes in a bag a call it a bewdy mate hahahahah!  I love you so much mum!!  Thank you for all you do for me.   Cheers!
Love, Elder Richins
aka: CMONEY 

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