Sunday, January 11, 2015

week 74: australia style

Gday mum!! 

This week was pretty hectic, we went on two exchanges this week!!  I went with Elder Gines from Kaysville Utah!!!  He is the man, I had heaps of fun with him he went to Davis High.  I also went with Elder Bucholz from Mesa, Arizona!!  He is also the man of the hour!  We had MLC this week, and all of the zone leaders got to watch Meet the Mormons!!  It was an awesome movie, I flippin cried I was so happy!  So Kaea and Amy's baptism got pushed back a couple of weeks, because of the mum but hopefully it will happen soon!  One of Our investigators, Cleveland overcame his fear of water this past week, so he is ready to get baptised on Saturday.  He came up to us at church yesterday, and said "I am ready."  My comp and I jumped for joy!!  But my faith has been strengthened in obedience this week, I have been thinking heaps about am I obedient just to be obedient or am I being obedient because I love Christ.  I love Jesus Christ and that is my motivation to serve.  I love it out here, want to do this forever.
Gday mum!!  You may want to go get checked by a doctor, that is not good going around in pain.  I will definitely keep you in my prayers.  I hope you recover soon, have dad give you a massage or something!  Today I am going to just take it easy, my headaches have been coming back, and I think it is because I am not taking it easy very often.  Always on the go.  So I am going to just sit back, read the scriptures maybe eat a sandwich or something.  My companion feels the same way lol!!   It was raining cats and dogs this week though, so it was good to escape from the heat haha!  But I am loving the work at the moment, I am still with Elder Cook he is the man.  I have been with him the same amount of time as Elder Richey 5 months!!  I love you so much mum!!  I hope you get better !!!  Cheers!

Love, Elder Richins

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