Sunday, January 18, 2015

week 75: australia style

Gday mum!!

This week was really good!  We had Elder Pearson of the seventy come on a mission tour this week!  First off he came to our MLC, it was funny because he pretty much tore all of the zone leaders and the assistants apart piece by piece and then he built us up again piece by piece.  He told us that "good just isn't good enough."  That really inspired me to be better, I think sometimes we can become content with the way things are going... especially when things are going well.  Wyndham zone is doing really really well.  But it is not good enough, there is more work to do and more people to find.  So after the 4 hour chastisement, we went home and we were thinking about what we could do...  We decided to go around to each of the Elder's flats and talk to  them about their vision for their area....  We left with them commitments and suggestions on how they could improve.  After those visits we saw the urgency come up by a mile.  We then had the chance to hear from Elder Pearson as a zone, at zone conference and this time it was a 6 hour chastisement but I felt even stronger.  After both of those meetings it felt like I had angels on my left and right, and I was wielding a huge sword.  I still feel that way, I want to do all that I can to help.
Cleveland's baptism went really well, it was grouse!  We also had another baptism for a woman named Evelyn!  It was such an amazing weekend!  I am really loving the work, and I know that no matter what we have done we can seek forgiveness from the Savior.  Elder Pearson said that after this takes place we need to "let it go."  The Lord tells us that if we repent he will "remember them no more."  We shouldn't let past mistakes hold us back from being better.  I love it!
Gday mum!!  I am glad you had a good week though, this week was really good, the headaches are still bothering me.  I am not too sure why they keep coming back.  I am drinking plenty of water and such.  But I will keep praying for strength, thank you for your prayers!  We have a couple more baptisms coming up this week, which should be pretty grouse!!  We also have interviews with President this week, I cant wait to see him!  He is so awesome, I love just chatting with him.  I hope you have an awesome week mum!  I love you so much!  Cheers!
Love, Elder Richins

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