Sunday, February 8, 2015

week 78 : australia style

Gday mum!!

This week was grouse!!  We had a miracle this week my companion and I planned out, 3 hours of tracting.  So we were going hard for 3 hours going from door to door, and we didn't see much success.  Then on our way back to the car after our 3 hours of knocking we knew that the Lord would put someone in our path to teach.  So we kept walkin and we came across this family moving into a new home.  So we ran over and picked up some of their furniture and put it in the house, they were appreciative for the service and we told them we were missionaries and they were really interested in learning about the message.  We taught them about prophets and how as they follow the prophet the Lord will bless them.  They were really excited and they accepted baptismal dates!  That just goes to show, that when we do our best to put ourselves in a position to serve the Lord will do the rest!  That was a great experience!  I am staying another transfer in Werribee and Elder Cook is going we were both pretty surprised but I am excited to say in the Bee!!!!  I love it here, and I love the Wyndham zone!!
Gday mum!!  Sounds like mac's b day was a hoot!  I wish I was there, man he is getting big and his hair is getting really long lol!  He looks like a hippy with his headband hahahaha.  I cant believe he can start driving that is weird as, we will have to drag race when I get back lol!  Today is gonna be a bit boring just watch my comp pack, maybe play some b ball we will see!  Excited to see what happens this next transfer!  I love you so much mum!!!  I am all good with everything right now, just trying to lose some weight lol!  My donut modelling prolly wont be helping me too much in the weight factor lol!  I hope you have a great week!  I love you!  Cheers!
Love, Elder Richins

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