Sunday, April 12, 2015

week 87: australia style

Gday mum!!
This week has been really quite good!  We had a zone meeting this week and my companion and I trained on receiving personal revelation.  The highlight of the training was we had every missionary bring their patriarchal blessing and we all broke up in companionships and went and read our patriarchal blessings and wrote down things we needed to sacrifice in order to help someone to be baptised in the month of April.  I felt an impression that as well as my companion that every single companionship in the zone would baptise on the 25th of April if everyone would wake up in the morning at 6:30 and be on time to studies.  We wrote that date on the board after everyone had come together and we testified that everyone would be able to baptise this month according to our overall obedience especially in the morning.  Since that zone meeting we have gone from 2 baptismal dates in the zone to 12 at the end of this week.  This has been a zone that has struggled pretty bad in the past, but it is amazing what the Lord can help us do when we are obedient to his commandments. 
I feel like my faith is erupting at the end of this week, it has been so awesome to see each of the companionships in the zone experience miracles as we all strived to be obedient!  General conference was so awesome as well, every talk really hit home with me it was so great!  I really liked Elder Pearson's talk about staying next to the tree!  This Gospel is so true, it confirms my testimony when I hear the servants of the Lord address us at conference.
Hi mum!!!  Sorry I didn't email much last week, the libraries are really lame here they only let you be online for 30 min.  All goods though!  It has been a really good week though, I am sorry to hear that you hurt your feet that is no good I hope all goes well with your appt this week!!  At the moment I am doing all good with everything, I am starting to get used to my new area I love it heaps here!!  I love being around all these awesome missionaries it makes me happy.  The friendships that I have developed on my mission will truly last a lifetime!  Thank you for all of your encouragement and support, I love you so much mum!!!  Thank you for your prayers and all that you do for me, I look forward to seeing you in 96 days!!  Love you!  Cheers!
Love, Elder Richins

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