Sunday, April 26, 2015

week 89: australia style


Gday mum!!
This week was really weird!!  So on Friday night Glen had his baptismal interview and he was all ready for the next day for his baptism and the morning of his baptism he calls us and tells us that he wasn't ready to get baptised yet.  We were like "wha......"  But it strengthened my testimony that the Lord has his timing in all things...  We cannot understand.  This week we have done quite a bit of finding and we had a miracle we received a referral from our Ward Mission Leader and her name is Mandy.  We contacted her this week and she lives way out in the boonies and we walked up onto here huge as property and we saw a man cutting wood.  Once the man saw us he was really excited, we got talking to him and he told us that him and his family had been looking for a church to join....  But none of them seemed right.  We talked about our church and he said whenever he drives past it he feels drawn to it but he never went in because he thought it was just a Samoan church.  He was so excited to get his family there to try it out they are coming this week to church we are so excited!!  This week has been really good and it is strengthening my testimony of endurance the work over on this side of the city is a bit slower to what I am used to but with the Lord's help I have been able to develop greater patience for the zone and our area!  I love it here! 
Gday mum!!  It is really rainy over here too, I saw the picture of dad in the tux I bet it was a grouse concert I wish I was there!  Mac e-mailed me and told me he has to cut his hair for his camp and I laughed pretty hard hahah!  I am really glad everyone is doing well.  The brown sugar and the chocolate is 10x better here than America. The chocolate over here is to die for, literally. They will like it!  I am happy for them!  I love you so much mum, thank you so much for your support I get to call home in 2 weeks that will be heaps cool!!  I hope you have a great week!!  Cheers!
Love, Elder Richins

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