Sunday, May 24, 2015

week 93: australia style

Gday mum!!!

This week was really good, we got to go on exchanges on Tuesday and I went with an elder from Germany he is the man!!  We had a really good exchange together, I was really excited to go to another area for an exchange because we have been eating pretty unhealthy because we are in an islander ward and the place I was going was an Australian ward.  Nek Minnit the member's home we went to got us a big bucket of KFC and then we went to another home and they fed us too, they kept filling my plate back up I gained 3 kilos in one night it was pretty bad but it was so nice of the members and I am grateful for their service my stomach doesn't always agree though hahaha
We also went on another exchange out in the bush it was really good, we went to interview their baptismal candidates it was such a cool experience to go all the way out in the middle of nowhere and do missionary work :)  We had a miracle family come to church this week as well, they are a member referral and they really liked church they said they would for sure be there next week again.  Their fellowship said "I know they will get baptised"  I reckon they will too!!!  I am really excited to work with them!
Hi mum!!!  Today I am going to just chill. I think we have a pretty busy week of exchanges. We have to go on an unexpected exchange to an area that is 4 hours away from ours, that should be pretty fun!  I really love going on exchanges and travelling the mission. It is heaps of fun to see so many different people and work with so many different missionaries.  I officially have 1 transfer left, I want to make the most of it and work as hard as I can through it!  I love you so much mum!!!  I hope you have a great week!!!!  Cheers!  I am all good with money and everything right now thank you for the offer though, thank you again for all that you do mum!!
Love, Elder Richins

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