Sunday, May 31, 2015

week 94: australia style

3 hour train ride to bairnsdale

Gday mum!!
This weeks started off pretty good and that it turned pretty sour, but as I look back at it right now all I can do is laugh lol.  So you are probably wondering how things got sour?  So we were tracting a street and we knocked on this door and this really awesome lady just full on yelled at us and tells us to get lost. As we exit her property, we brushed up against her car by accident because the width of her driveway was quite small.  So we keep knockin....  2 doors down the street the lady that yelled at us came screaming down the street swearing at us and saying that we punched her car.  My comp and I were like.... what the heck is wrong with the world mama, we didn't hit your car.  But apparently her daughter was sitting in the car as we brushed past the car, she told her mum that we punched it.  So this lady keeps screaming at us, then she comes up to us and starts taking heaps of pictures of us. I felt like a male model, it was pretty awesome.  Even after we asked her not to take pictures of us, she said she didn't care.  So fast forward to that night, we get a call from a stake high councilman saying that this lady posted on the city facebook page, with our pictures and saying to beware of us, because we KICK cars. So after he told us that... again we said, what is wrong with the world mama????  So now we have received advice from our bishop, not to go into that area anymore because the people really hate us.  It's like Ammonihah really.  I always wanted an experience like we are going back there this week to find an Amulek!!!!  It's crazy though I feel so calm and peaceful now, when throughout last week both my comp and I were pretty scared about the repercussions that could happen.  I know that the Lord will work it out for our good!!  I LOVE this work!!!!!
Hey mum, sorry I don't have too much time today. The garage sale sounds like it was a success.  It was really good to see that you saw stin !!!!  Man I love that dude to bits, I cant wait to get reunited with my homies.  But for the time being, I got some more work to do!!  I love you mum!!!  I hope you have a great week, you are in my prayers!
Love, Elder Richins

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