Sunday, June 21, 2015

week 97: australia style

one our district meetings from this week

Gday mum
This week has been alright, we have been really busy trying to sort out the new missionaries for the new transfer.  We lost allot of missionaries due to the last transfer and now it is time to adjust.  So the work was a bit slower than it was usually but a cool experience we had yesterday at church we got to teach elders quorum and we had a pretty cool lesson.  We talked  about rescue visits so we had everyone right down names of brethren they knew who weren't at class and what we  did was we called all of these brethren to tell them we love them and miss them.  Then we invited the quorum to go and rescue those lost quorum members during the week.  It was a really awesome lesson to see missionary work in action among the members of the quorum.
Mum, I am really sad to hear that news about Bentley, he was one of my best friends and I am sad to hear that he is gone.  I know Jesus Christ lives though, and although we experience sadness in this life I know and I testify that The Atonement of Jesus Christ swallows up the sadness we feel.  I am really going to miss him, I love you mum. I hope you have a great week!
Love Elder Richins

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