Sunday, September 1, 2013

week 3: australia style

G'DAY MUM!!!!!!!!!!
     This week has been pretty cool!  We had zone conference this week, it was 6 hours of role playing and eating Subway!  Role playing is prolly the worst thing ever, it is so weird and awkward!  But its something you gotta do I guess!  We also had a golden review, on Thursday so I got to see all of my District 67 thugs from the MTC!!!  That was really fun!  We talked about how the people in Utah are much more accepting of the gospel hahahahaah!!  Whenever I tell investigators or members where I am from, they say "of course!  I swear all you damn blokes come from there"  hahahahahaaha!!!!!  I can feel the love....  
     We got to see Cassandra again this week, and she sent us a text saying that, she loves us so much, and that she was so grateful of our example to her!  She also said that her heart was slowly changing, and she was really considering coming back to church!  If she comes to church that would be THE best I will cry!!!!!!!!!!!!  
     We have a new investigator!!!  Her name is Stephanie, and she was a referral from an 18 year old girl in our ward named Chelsea Carthew!!  She is a gun!!!  Chelsea is always referring her friends to us, she is a dang good missionary I reckon.  Anyways, Stephanie is agnostic on the verge of being an atheist.  She said she loves the idea of having a God, but she just has a hard time believing!  We had an awesome lesson on how God is Our Loving Heavenly Father!  It was such a powerful lesson!  I swear every time I bare my testimony I start blubbering like a baby!  Its sad I reckon!  We committed her to pray and ask if what me and my companion said was true!  I cant wait to follow up with her! 
     Finding people to teach in Australia is hard I reckon, religion is such a sensitive subject here!  I will keep working though!  I reckon we will find heaps of people this week!  I cant wait to get back to work!
    As for me, I am doing so good!  The food here isn't that bad!  It just has no flavor, and it is soooooooo expensive!  I went to Mackers this week (mickey d's) and got a 20 piece chicken nugget, it was only 17 dollars!!  In Merica, I could have gotten it for 5, I reckon that's a rip off mate!!  On P Days, I hanggg with my British homie, Elder Beechey. He is 26, really funny and I love him!  I cant understand what he says because he is British.  I tell him to speak American all the time!  Today for P day, we are having a BBQ at Elder Beechey and Elder Lao's flat.  Then we are going to play touch rugby with the zone, and maybe some footy!  Man life is good right now!  I miss Elder Sharp though, we sang beautiful music together!  My companion doesn't sing because he thinks its unapproved.  I sing anyways, and it sounds beautiful!  This girl is on FIRE!!! 
     I know that God gives his toughest tests to his toughest soldiers!  I know that he knows each of us by name and loves us so dearly!  Its crazy to see how much I have changed in a year!  Last year I would have never even thought about going on a mission, I thought it would be a waste of my time.  The lord has molded me into something great, and now I have the opportunity to teach, and testify to people that need a little faith in their lives!  I have seen some pretty rotten circumstances, and I know that this gospel can change anyone, if first they are willing to change.  I know my redeemer lives, and he is cheering each and every one of us on! 
      MUM, I miss you so much!!  Im glad Bentley has a new friend, I was actually thinking about how life was for Bentley and Baxter yesterday!  I miss my homies!  That story about Maguire made me pee my pants. I was laughing so hard haha!! Dang I miss hangin with my mum in the holla hood Doe!!  YOure dope!!  I am always thinking about you!!!  YOu are such an amazing example to me!!!~  YOu raised me right!!  Im loving life right now, but I get really homesick too!  I cant wait to call on Christmas to see mah peeps!!!  I love you so much mom!!!!
                                            Love, Elder Richins aka: COOPDAWGYDAWG

It's good to see my buddy hasn't changed

Coop and his companion Elder Afele

Coop with his Mission President.
President Maxwell and Sister Maxwell

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