Sunday, September 15, 2013

week 5: australia style

GDAY MUM!!!!!!!!
This week was pretty boring...  We did a bunch of finding this week, and got about 2 solid new contacts!  Haha Im pretty sick of tracting!  Me and my companion, are trying to think of some new ways to spread the gospel, because Australians get really angry when messengers of the lord knock on their door haha!  So me and my companion, and the rest of the district, are gonna bake heaps of cookies, and give them away for FREE on Wednesday!  Did I mention that along with the cookie, they get to hear about Jesus!  We are hoping we will be successful, I also hope I don't poison anyone with my terrible cooking skills!  One step at a time I reckon! 
We had a mission conference this week, so I got to see all my home dawgs from the MTC haha!  Elder Pierson, of the Seventy came to speak to us.  He stressed aligning ourselves with the Lord so that he can work miracles through us!  That made me think a little...  God has called missionaries to leave our families and friends for two years, so that other families can be together forever!  I started to think of the things that were holding me back, from being an effective tool for the lord!  I am trying so hard to think of others rather than myself, it has been so hard because Im a gangsta!  Its hard to put dat life away DOE!  Hahaha  Through the lord anything is possible I reckon!

The end of the transfer is next week, so I could be kicked to a whole different area!  But most likely I will stay in Wantirna South!  I love it here!  I might get a new companion too!  Or I might be training someone from the new intake of missionaries!  Its all up in the air!  Elder Sharp's (my mtc companion) visa haven't processed yet, so that's a bummer, I miss that dude!  \
I miss my friends soooooo much and I miss chilling with them, and I am hoping and praying that they are enjoying their missions, I love hearing their experiences. I love them!!!!!!!
I know that the Lord can work miracles through each and every one of us if we are willing to give ourselves to him.  I have seen so many miracles since I have been out in the field.  I love Joseph Smith, and I know that he was and is a prophet of God who helped restore the gospel to the earth!!  It amazes me how diligent he was, even after being tarred and feathered and persecuted for his beliefs, he was truly inspired!   I know that God knows what we are going through, and he wants to help, we need to humble ourselves before him, and he will bless us!!  I know this church is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom how are you???  YOur letters crack me up!  People look at me weird at the library because I am laughing out loud!  I am doing alright with money, I need to get some new scriptures, my other set is falling apart!  But everything else is great!  I need a haircut too I look like a wild ape right now haha!!  How are things back home?? Haha Van B sent me those pics as well haha pretty scary!!  I love you so much mum!  Everything is going sweet as over here, everything  is awesome!!!  LOve you MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cheers
 Love, Elder Richins aka:COOPDAWGYDAWG


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