Sunday, September 8, 2013

week 4: australia style

     Daggum!!  This week was so weird!  Haha I got the cops called on me twice!  Haha Me and my companion were GQing at a bus station, and we talked to heaps of people!  One bloke, that we didn't even talk to called the cops on us, because he was offended because we were talking to other people!  So yeah...  he followed me and my companion around the bus station, for about an hour, and ended up taking our pictures on his phone, and asking what our authority was.  I said "our authority is with God, sir"  and he said "I don't give a damn about your God" haha then he called the cops!!  The cops were super nice to us, and asked us very nicely to move along, they realized the bloke that called the cops belongs in the loony bin.   The second time we got the cops called on us was the very next day, with the Wantirna Elders, because we went on exchange this week.  Someone told on us again!  People in Aussie are busy bodies I reckon!
    We met with Veewan again this week, and she went to church yesterday for the first time!!!  Her baptismal date is on the 28th and she is progressing towards that date at about 85%.  Its sweet as, I reckon!  Veewan also accepted to live the word of wisdom!  MIRACLES I RECKON!  We have had a feed every night this week!  The members love us in this ward!  They actually buy groceries for us sometimes, so we can save our money for cool stuff like footballs, rugby balls, and golf hahahahahahahha!!!  P days are a hoot mate! 
     This week we did heaps of finding, we had almost no appointments this week!  I have gotten really good at tracting!  We found 8 solid new contacts this week, after hours of tracting! 
      This week has also been really hard for me!  I have hit the "one month wall."  That's what people call when you get super homesick.  I have felt super alone this week, because me and my companion don't talk much anymore.  I have had to rely on my heavenly father every day this week, and I feel like he carried me through this week, this was definitely the hardest week of my mission. 
      I know that my redeemer lives!  It has been solitified to me this week.  He really wants all of his children to be happy.  Even though I had a tough week this week, I grew so much stronger.  That's what trials are for!  Why would God send us here, if life was a walk in the park?  We came to earth to grow, because our Heavenly Father knows what we can become!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know that this church is true, I have received answers through prayer and the scriptures!  God is knocking at the door open it!  God isn't going to shake us to prove a point, he wants us to answer the call!  Man I love this work!!!!
      Mom you are the best!!  I look forward to your letter every week!!  It sounds like everything back home sounds super dope!  New is a dingleberry haha!  I hope you and dad get to take a holliday soon!  YOu guys work soo hard!!  I am so thankful for your example to me!!  Love you tons Momma!!!!! 
    Love, Elder Richins aka:COOPDAWGYDAWG

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