Monday, March 10, 2014

week 30: australia style

Gday mum!!
This week was really good!  The birthday went very well!  The dinner at our Investigators (the Blowfields) went very well!  They have accepted to hear the discussions, I am so excited!!  It was so cool, we were sharing just a little spiritual message on faith because we were kind of hesitant to teach a discussion.  But after the spiritual message they asked heaps of questions about the gospel, and we just asked them if they wanted to learn more and they said they did!!  Best birthday present ever, if you ask me!!  We are going to see them again next Monday to teach them the first discussion.
Well I am staying in Rosny another 6 weeks!  When I first got the news I was pretty shocked because I have been here since nam.  I was also pretty suprised because my zone leaders were telling me before the transfer callout that I would most likely go up to the mainland and be a zone leader up there the upcoming transfer.  Haha that didnt happen, but I am super excited to be in Rosny another 6 weeks!!
We also had the oppurtunity to teach Dani this week.  We are at a crossroads with her...  She wont read or pray, so Elder Richey and I are giving her one last chance then we are going to drop her for a little while.  She just doesnt want to change at the moment, but I have faith that she will pick up the Book of Mormon at some point of her life and it will change her life.  Whether it be tomorrow or in 70 years, I have sincere faith that it will happen.  The awesome thing is, she loves coming to church, she actually came to church with her mother this past Sunday!  She just needs to read now.
We were blessed to find some solid new contacts this week, we are seeing a couple of them this afternoon.  Elder Richey and I made a goal to see at least 3 members a day though, to try and encourage the members in the ward to spread the Gospel!  I have faith that miracles will come from it!!
To be honest this was a pretty tough week, it seemed like nothing could go our way the second half of the week.  I know the mission isnt supposed to be easy, and I am thankful for the challenges that I have faced so far on my mission.  I know that as we call on the Lord daily, he will give us the strength to get through the daily demands of life. 
 MOSIAH 4:11:  And again say unto you as have said before, that as ye have come to the knowledge of the glory of God, or if ye have known of his goodness and haveatasted of his love, and have received bremission of your sins, which causeth such exceedingly great joy in your souls, even so would that ye should remember, andalways retain in remembrance, the greatness of God, and your own cnothingnessand his dgoodness and long-suffering towards you, unworthy creatures, and humbleyourselves even in the depths of ehumilityfcalling on the name of the Lord daily, and standing gsteadfastly in the faith of that which is to come, which was spoken by themouth of the angel. 12: And behold, say unto you that if ye do this ye shall always rejoice, and be filled with the alove of God, and always bretain a remission of yoursins; and ye shall grow in the cknowledge of the glory of him that created you, or in the knowledge of that which is just and true.  What a beautiful promise the Lord gives in this passage of scripture.  I hope I can always stand steadfastly in faith, even when the going gets tough!  This church is so true, I am so grateful for the happiness it brings to me. 

a big tree
adventure with the campbells
Hi mum!!!  How are you going??  For my birthday I got a new belt and a pretty sweet as watch!  Haha it was kind of hard to decide what to get, because I dont need much haha!  So we went into a surf shop and I looked at the watches, and I got a nixon watch that was half priced, and I love it!  I am starting up quite the watch collection now haha.  But the birthday was way good, we went to get pizza and then played basketball for ages it was awesome!  I am sorry to hear that you got sick again!  But that is exciting that you are going on trek haha!!!  You will love it! Life is going really well at the moment, Elder Richey and I are becoming really good friends.  I love that guy heaps!  ANOTHER 6 WEEKS BABY!!!  WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!  Hahah!  That is also very exciting that I have a cousin that lands on my birthday!!  He is a cutey!  Tell them I say congrats!!  March 3rd just got a little bit better I reckon!!!  Well I love you so much mum!!  I hope you have an awesome week!!!  Cheers!
Love, Elder Richins

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