Sunday, March 2, 2014

week 29: australia style

GDAY MUM!!!!!!
This week was pretty good!  It seemed like it went by pretty slow, but we still saw heaps of miracles!  On a lesser note, we took a few steps back with Dani...  She has some issues with the commandments, and we havent even taught her about them yet.  She says she has definatley had a spiritual witness to know it is true but at the moment she isnt willing to change.  I have sincere faith that she will pull through though!!  A positive is that she came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it!  We are going to see her again on Thursday!
Robert is doing very well at the moment!  He is recieving the Priesthood next week, and he had his interview with Bishop yesterday!  I am super excited for him!  The YSA held a welcome night activity for Rob and he said he had heaps of fun!  Rob is going to make an excellent addition to the Rosny ward, the next step is getting him into a calling.  We are going to see him again on Wednesday and the William's family are going to teach him the Restoration in their home!  Really exciting things!
As for our Finnish Investigator Mariana, we taught her two lessons this week.  We taught her the Restoration, and left her ther commitment to read 3 Nephi 27.  Then we went over last night for a lesson, and she unfortunatley didnt have time to read the chapter we left her, but we just read it with her.  She is doing very well at the moment, and she also came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it!
This week we tried to focus on finding and we were blessed to find heaps of new contacts that we are excited to follow up with next week!  I love finding so much!  We had an awesome miracle, we recieved a call from a former investigator named Esther she is a 70 year old from the Philipines.  She wanted Elder Richey and I to come over for a meal, so we did and then we did like 2 hours of service for her.  The blessing is that we have a return appointment to come teach her next week!  It is amazing how God prepares his children!
I am so thankful to be a missionary, I am positive I have said that before, but such immense joy comes from serving my Heavenly Father!  I am so grateful that he continues to trust me to help his children come back to the fold.  Missionary work is the greatest!  Maybe more miracles will come that I am older and wiser now haha big 19!! 
 Hi Mum!!  Thank you for the birthday wishes!  It is really weird that it is my birthday, it doesnt feel much different haha!  But this morning we woke up heaps early and watched the sunrise on Mt. Wellington it was beautiful as, but it was also very cold!  Today we are going to all you can eat Pizza HUT!!!!  YESSIR!  We are also going to play some basketball and maybe go do some lazertagging!  It should be a fun as day!  Then to top the day off we are going to our Investigator's house for a birthday tea!

The bus stop picture has quite a funny story attached to it.  These punk teenagers came up to us and started giving us a hard time, then we started doing magic tricks for them that we use in lessons hahah!  They were freaking out at the magic tricks it was so funny!  After that they became our best friends and we gave them all pass along cards!  They then took pictures with us!  They also said if anyone gave us a hard time they would beat them up!  We have friends in high places I reckon!  Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you do for me!  Thank you for all the birthday wishes!  You are the best mum out there!!  I love you so much!!  I hope you have an aawesssooommmeee week!!  I got your valentines letter last week!  There are hearts everywhere now haha!  Cheers!
Love, Elder Richins

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