Sunday, June 8, 2014

week 43: australia style

 Elder Garcia Kempf!!

one of the members in our ward has a neighbor that has heaps of snakes and different reptiles.

Gday mum!!  

This week has been pretty good!  I have a new companion, and his name is Elder Garcia Kempf!!  He is from Spain, and he is 20 years old!  But there is a twist!!!  I am teaching him some good ol English.  He understands English very well, but as far as speaking goes, he struggles just a little!  Makes me wish I would have payed more attention in Spanish class haha, because I would be able to communicate with him heaps better haha!  He has a great desire to be obedient and work hard, and he is doing a great job, he is pretty good for only being out for 5 days haha!  He is the man!!!
As for Steve this week we had a bit of drama arise with him.  Due to some medical situations we were not able to see Steve this week.  He told us not to come back until he gets better, so he is feeling a bit better now so we will see him tomorrow.  
Tiffany is doing so awesome!!  We taught her the commandments this week, and she accepted all of them, and she is really excited for her baptism this Saturday!  She is keeping all of her commitments, and it is awesome to see that!  I am really excited for her baptism this upcoming Saturday.  
We saw Sue this week and set some expectations with her, and the lesson we taught to her was really strong, and we committed her to come to church, but unfortunately she didn't come.  So this week we are going to have a drop lesson with her, she is just not keeping her commitments.
I am really excited for this area though, there are a ton of good things happening here in Eltham, I am really excited for the opportunity to train and serve with Elder Garcia Kempf.  I am grateful for the opportunities that the Lord is giving me to serve, I love this work so much.  It is changing my life for the better.
Gday mum!!  How are you going?  Sounds like you guys have had a full on week, poor Olive…  I had a pretty good week, pretty flat out just like yours haha!  My new comp is a great man, and he wants to work hard so that is good.  It is freezing here in Melbourne right now!  We went for a run this morning and I thought I was going to turn into an ice cube!  Today for P day we are having a zone basketball day, so it will be good to get with everyone this afternoon and put up a couple of jumpers haha!  Man….  We went to see this guy across the street from one of our members, and he had heaps and heaps of snakes!!  I got to hold some of them…  Creepy as, I hate snakes!  He had one of the most deadliest snakes in the world in his collection, and a baby croc.  The work is going really well, and we are seeing heaps of miracles through our obedience and hard work!  I am glad yous are getting excited for trek, and getting all trekked up!!!  Tuaine is so awesome, her family is the best she is taking good care of my companion and I!  I am loving this ward!  Well, I love you so much mum!!!  I hope You have an awesome week!  I will be on for a bit more if yous want to chat!  Cheers!
Love, Elder Richins

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