Sunday, June 15, 2014

week 44: australia style

tiffany's baptism

my ultimate masterpiece

Gday mum!!

This week was really awesome!!  Well first off.... Tiffany was baptized this week, and it was awesome!!  She was so ready, and it was so cool to see her excitement.  We had daily contact with her this past week, and she told us everytime we called her, how excited she was!  I was very honored to baptize and confirm her into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  She will be a great addition to the church for sure.  It was really cool, because at the end of the baptism program she got to bare her testimony, and I felt the spirit so strong...  She truly had a change of heart which enabled her to change her life through baptism.  She is so EXCITED!!  
This week was a little bit hard as well, two of our most progressing investigators dropped us and that was a bit hard.  Steve is doing heaps better, and he is in the hospital right now and he will be there for another two weeks.  I had the opportunity to visit him in the hospital with my companion and we had a really spiritual discussion with him and he expressed his appreciation for us always making sure he is ok.  He said that he wants to be baptized again on the 29th of June, but we will see how he goes!  I have faith in him!!!!  
We did quite a bit of finding this week, and my companion is doing so awesome!!!!  He found two people on the train, and man... I am so proud of that guy!  He has NO FEAR!!  Elder Garcia Kempf is doing really well, and his English is coming along very well.  He gave a talk yesterday in church and he spoke perfect English, it was such a miracle!  I am so glad to be with Elder Garcia Kempf, I am learning a whole lot from him, and hopefully he is learning something from me too haha!!  I love having the opportunity to serve, I am never going to forget the people that I have met and taught like Tiffany, she was truly prepared by God and I am very grateful that the Lord used my companion and I to help bring her back to the fold.  MIRACLES!!
Gday mum!!!  How are you going??  Happy fathers day to DAD and POPS, and maguire.... hahahahah!!!!  I hope you guys enjoy your time and mimsley and pops!!  Sounds like you have had a full on week, with work and preparing for the good ol trek!!  This week for me was mui frio!! (Cold)  I have kinda stopped running in the mornings now that it is like a freezer outside in the morning!!  I never really thought that Australia would be this cold, but it is hahah!  It has been a pretty productive week, we are in the works of building up a teaching pool again, so it is a bit hard at times but everything will be ok.  On saturday after the baptism Elder Garcia Kempf and I went to hungry jacks (burger king in the states) and we had a feast to celebrate the baptism, I spent 20 dollars on myself, and I thought I was going to die...  My stomach is still getting back to normal, I probably wont try that again haha!!  Elder Garcia Kempf is a crackkup!  He does a werewolf inpersonation, and it is pretty stinkin scary but I cant help laughing!!!  He is funny as, as I have gotten to know him a little bit more!  I am really enjoying life right now and all is going well!!  I will be on for a bit longer if yous have any Q's!  I love you so much mum!!!  Thank you for all of the love and support you give to me, it really means allot to me.  Have a great week!!  Say hi to errybody for me!  Cheers

Love, Elder Richins
aka: Coopdawgydawg

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