Sunday, November 16, 2014

week 66: australia style

toilet paper

da zone

Gday mum!!

Yo yo yo!!  So this week was pretty ballin!  So I am staying another transfer with my companion Elder Cook!  There are quite a few missionaries leaving the zone which is unfortunate...  But we are really excited for the new transfer to see what we can do together!  Something crazy that happened this week was our flat got pranked!  So we left our back sliding door open, and some missionaries were able to get in and prank us...  There was baby powder all over the floor and vegemite all over the handles of everything.  One of the Elders in our flat Elder Pitt, came running in and he slipped on the baby powder and we busted out laughing.  We found out who the culprit was, and we are planning revenge....  Haha jk, I am a lover not a fighter!  But one day later some of the members toilet papered our house hard out!  It was a mean job, and it took ages to pick up, lets just say they knew what they were doing!
At the moment we are in the process of finding some new peeps!  We have an investigator named Doug who is awesome, he has a less active wife who introduced him to us and he will get baptised soon hopefully!  He is keen and a bean!
I love this work so much, sometimes weeks like this aren't the best, when you spend 2 hours cleaning up vegemite but I can look back and laugh now which is good!  The Lord tests us in peculiar ways hey???
Gday mum!  Sorry I have been leaving out some of the specifics, I am always just in a rush to do something haha.  All of your answers were correct except the last one, my area is called Werribee and it is in the Wyndham zone hahahah!  I wake up at 6:30 on the dot every single day hahah, sometimes even earlier if we go and play b ball!  My favourite part of the day has got to be studies, or the time we get to go finding.  The hardest thing about the mission is balancing fun with being a dignified servant of the Lord, I tend not to do as many stupid things anymore hahaha because I love having fun.  But what I have found on my mission, is the times I have the most fun are the times that I am being exactly obedient.  My comp is cool as, he likes b ball so we get along pretty well haha!  My buddies are good, we are still all talking and they are alive for the most part!  Today we are going to the chapel for games and pizza, this is the last day we have with a bunch of our missionaries getting transferred so we are spending time with each other.  I love you so much mum, keep asking Q's and I will answer!  I hope you have a wonderful week, you are an inspiration to me each day.  Cheers!
Love, Elder Richins
Aka: CMUN$

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