Sunday, November 30, 2014

week 68: australia style

thanksgiving yo

Gday mum!!

This week was really good week!!  So I started off the week on an exchange in a wonderful place called Geelong.  It's another beach town, and it is beautiful as.  I went with these two Elders named Elder Long and Elder Concardes.  They are a part of a tri panionship, we had so much fun.  So we played a game at the bus stop, whoever could get the most return appointments got a slurpee.  So we found for like 2 hours at the bus stop.  At the end of it, we all deserved a slurpee, so I bought one for all of us.  It was heaps of fun, to work together that way.  We also had THANKSGIVING!!!  It was pretty funny, we were all sitting there with like 6 other missionaries and one of the missionaries told the hostess that my companion and I love to perform.  He said that I could beat box and my companion could sing.  So she made us perform of course, and we beat boxed and sang to "Praise to the Man."  It was epic, I wish I could send videos. 
Had a really spiritual experience this week with a woman named Pue, who was a former investigator from a year ago.  She almost got baptised and then some stuff happened.  We just stopped by her house and talked to her about God's purpose for his children.  In the midst of the lesson she told us, "I need to get baptised as soon as possible, it is what God wants me to do."  We invited her to pray for a baptismal date.  I really know that God has an ultimate purpose and plan for us, we are so lucky to know his plan, others are not.  That is why I love sharing this message.  I know it is true with all my heart!
Sounds like a busy as week mum!  I was pretty busy as well with 3 thanksgiving dinners haha.  EVERYONE and their dog wanted to feed us for Thanksgiving it was funny as.  Today is our zone p day and we are filming a nativity and then going lazer tagging, should be flippin awesome!  I am loving the work right now, seeing a bunch of miracles come forth.  I cant wait for next thanksgiving, it's just not the same over here hahaha....  No orange rolls hahaha, Australians don't believe in them.  
I love you so much mum!! 
Have an awesome week mum!!  Cheers!
Love, Elder Richins

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