Sunday, March 1, 2015

week 81: australia style

muscle gods

found my first koala

happy birthday this week to the most kind, selfless, giving,
sensitive, hilarious, charismatic, perfect
baby boy in the world.
i never thought i could love another human being so much.
you are an example to everyone around you.
thank you for your sacrifices...everyday!
you make our lives better.
happy 20th birthday baby...
your mom and dad love you so so much.
i will see you at the escalator in 138 days!!!

Gday mum!!!
This week has been so busy!!  We only spend like 2 days in our area this week due to a bunch of things that came up!!  We went on exchange in Warrnambool and I went with Elder Higham he is from Maryland!  He is cool as, we did a bunch of finding we found all day actually it was so fun!!  We just went up and down the city center and talked to everyone we could, we got some pizza afterwards and it was awesome.  We found a lady named Kirileen that had us back that same day and I wasnt able to attend but they were and she was solid as, what a miracle!!!  
We had Elder Bednar come to our mission, and I got to shake his hand, me and my companion and 2 other Elders were the only ones that got to shake his hand it was so cool!!!  He is so inspired.  He talked about how we are agents to act and not to be acted upon, and that we need to use our agency to make and keep sacred covenants and perform ordinances by the power of the Priesthood.  I was really inspired to baptise all of MELBOURNE after, I still am... Lets go to work!!!
Gday mum!  Thank you for the birthday wishes and for all of your patience with me throughouot the years.  I am really grateful the way that you and dad raised me, you are the best parents out there and I am so blessed to be your son!!  I love you so much mum!!  Have an awesome week!  I dont have much time we have zone p day today!  Cheers!
Love, Elder Richins

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